Insider Ownership

Insider Ownership
Name Relationship / Title Current Shares Trading Activity
Albert, Carl A. Director 105,129 View
berger jonathan w Officer 515,567 View
Deutsch, Peter R. Director 137,578 View
dickerson lawrence r Director 3,592 View
dickins denise Director 23,783 View
Johnson, Kyle D. Officer 175,568 View
Karas, John F. Officer 52,929 View
lavoy kathleen mackie Officer 78,370 View
leight nathan Director 2,267,882 View
levenson ryan Director 3,305,412 View
Marinko, Mark Officer 77,501 View
O'halloran, Katherine Hayes Officer 12,699 View
petterson lasse Officer 190,308 View
shea christopher p Officer 110,915 View
Simonelli, David E. Officer 213,049 View
steckel william Officer 8,267 View
steuert d michael Director 3,592 View
uhler robert b Director 92,311 View
Walsh, Major General (rET.) michael j. Director 53,484 View
waryjas maryann Officer 72,624 View
Weiss, Jason G. Director 105,065 View

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