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Apr 23, 2014 4:00 PM ET
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Jonathan W. Berger
Chief Executive Officer
William S. Steckel
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
David E. Simonelli
President of Dredging Operations
Kyle D. Johnson
Senior Vice President—Operations
John F. Karas
Senior Vice President—Estimating
Stephen E Pegg
Senior Vice President—Business Development
Maryann Waryjas
Senior Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary
Steven W. Becker
Vice President—Plant and Equipment
J. Christopher Gillespie
Vice President—Hydraulic and Mechanical Dredging
Bradley T.J. Hansen
Vice President—Logistics
William H. Hanson
Vice President—Government Relations and Business Development
Steven F. O'Hara
Vice President—Corporate IIF and Northern Area Manager
Wiliam F. Pagendarm
Vice President—Hopper Dredging Division
John T. O'Brien
Vice President—Middle East, India and Africa Division
Russell F. Zimmerman
Vice President and Chief Estimator
Thomas C. Roberts
Vice President—Site Engineering Development
Katherine M. Hayes
Treasurer and Assistant Secretary
Kathleen Mackie LaVoy
Vice President & General Counsel - Dredging Operations

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