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Apr 17, 2014 4:00 PM ET
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Insider Ownership
Name Relationship / Title Current Shares Trading Activity
Albert, Carl A. Director 37,684 View
Berger, Jonathan W. Officer 268,726 View
biemeck bruce j Officer 147,606 View
Bittel, Stephen H. Director 56,267 View
Deutsch, Peter R. Director 83,555 View
dickins denise Director 5,644 View
Johnson, Kyle D. Officer 71,679 View
Karas, John F. Officer 52,929 View
Leight, Nathan D. Director 64,440 View
Mackie, Douglas B. Director 99,648 View
pegg stephen elra Officer 43,348 View
Simonelli, David E. Officer 97,414 View
souleles thomas s Director 4,809 View
steckel william Officer 8,267 View
waryjas maryann Officer 22,451 View
Weiss, Jason G.1 Director 60,855 View

1This figure does not include shares acquired indirectly. Currently, Jason Weiss holds 705,232 total shares.

Stock transaction information provided by EDGAR Online. Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corporation makes no representation or warranty with respect to any of the information contained herein, takes no responsibility for supplementing, updating or correcting any such information and shall have no liability with respect to any such information. This listing does not include derivatives, such as stock option grants or shares purchased through an employee stock purchase plan. For recent transactions, including derivative transactions, see our Section 16 SEC filings page.

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